Let's talk about something that you don't hear a lot of people talking about an online business world...


There are different approaches to starting an online business.


It's not a one size fits all.


And not every method or every approach is right for every person.


there are three major pathways that you can take...




You can take the DIY approach, do it yourself.


That means you invest in a course, you up-skill yourself and you self-implement.


You learn how to do your own tech, you learn how to design a product, you learn how to write copy, you learn everything and you do it yourself (usually with the support of some kind of paid group program).


This is right for you if your budget is $3,000 or less, then that's enough for you to invest in a course with some budget left over to invest in some additional support, maybe outsource a little and subscribe to the software you'll need.





Your second option is a full done for you approach.


This is right for you if your budget is $5,000 and above, because you outsource everything to an expert who's done it before.


You get your strategy nailed, you work with somebody on what your product should be, your tech is sorted, you get your copy done for you and you launch a minimum viable product with the support of people who have done it for you.


Now, how do you know which is right for you? (if money is not a factor)




If you take the DIY approach, you're looking at six months minimum before you get out the door.


If you take the done for you, some done for you packages could be 30 days or less.





Now there is a third option. And this is a done with you.


That's where you do some of the work and you outsource some of the work, or you or you get help with some other work from a strategy point of view.


This is a hybrid approach and is right for you if you've got between 3000 and $5,000, to spend to just get your minimum viable product out the door.


Now a lot of people don't realize that these options exist and they chase their tail for years.


I first learned about an online business as a model in 2015 and only sold my first product in 2017, chasing my spinning my wheels with no traction for years.


I wish I had known that there were these three options right from the beginning.


Now, you do know and can choose what is right for you.


It might be done for you.


It might be DIY.


It might be a blend.


There's the right person to help you, depending on if you're on this side of the spectrum that side or if you're a blend.


I hope that's been super helpful.


© Copyright 2021 Tamryn Sherriffs